Today, the private school tax credit has ballooned to $2,213 for married couples and $1,107 for people filing individually. In comparison, the public school tax credit has been largely unchanged since 1997. Married couples can now donate up to $400 through the program. Individuals can give $200.
8 hours ago
Several Flagstaff neighborhoods have been told to be prepared to evacuate as a fire burning in the San Francisco Peaks north of the city continues to grow. The Museum Fire has burned 1,000 acres one mile north of Flagstaff but no evacuations have been ordered yet.
3 hours ago


Expanded Fast-Track Deportations Likely To Face Legal Challenge
A migration think tank estimates that nearly 300,000 undocumented people could face deportation, without seeing a judge, due to a new regulation that starts Tuesday.
1 hour ago
Pima County Republicans Sue To Prevent Tucson Sanctuary City Ballot Initiative
The Pima Co. Republican Party is suing to prevent a ballot proposition asking voters in Tucson whether the city should be declared a “sanctuary city.”
1 hour ago
More Drug Users Getting Treatment Instead Of Jail In Tucson
A Tucson program designed to help those with substance abuse issues has saved taxpayers thousands of dollars.
2 hours ago
Boas: Should AZ Legislature Legalize Marijuana?
Arizona could be in the next group of states to have voters approve the legal use of recreational marijuana. That got columnist Bob Robb thinking about the drug’s potency.
1 hour ago
BBC Look-Ahead: UK To Get New Prime Minister This Week
A hugely significant decision is coming tomorrow for the UK, as Britain will be getting a new leader.
4 hours ago

NPR News

Study: Malaria Drugs Are Failing At An 'Alarming' Rate In Southeast Asia
Mutant parasites have built up resistance to first-line malaria drugs, according to two new studies in The Lancet. Scientists worry that this could overturn global progress against the disease.
Feeling Blue? Oregon Students Allowed To Take 'Mental Health Days'
The state, which has one of the higher suicide rates in the U.S., hopes the law will combat stigma around mental illness. Four teen activists encourage others to "admit when they're struggling."
Trump Administration Moves To Speed Up Deportations With Expedited Removal Expansion
The changes will allow ICE officials to deport undocumented immigrants who can't prove they have been in the U.S. for more than two years, without a hearing before a judge. It takes effect Tuesday.
'A Small Part Of A Serious Problem': Criminals Hired As Police Officers In Alaska
A joint investigation by the Anchorage Daily News and ProPublica found that in one town, every officer had been convicted of domestic violence within the last 10 years.
As Manhattan DA, Morgenthau Pursued Drug Dealers And Crooked Banks Alike
Robert Morgenthau, the patrician lawman who a former aide said spent four decades "making mischief for people who engaged in bad conduct," died Sunday at age 99.